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If you’re looking to restore your smile to its former glory, then you might benefit a great deal from Kanata implants. You might already be considering a single-tooth implant or a Kanata implant treatment, but you might be worried about the cost. As Kanata dental implants have become more accessible over the years, they’ve also become more affordable, and for many people, the benefits outweigh the costs. Marchwood Dental Kanata Implant Center would like to help you determine whether dental implants dentures Kanata would be right for you.What should I know about Kanata dental implants? How much are dental implants in Kanata, Ontario?Kanata Dental implants might be exactly what you need for a healthy, perfect smile. You might want them for a better bite, to support over-dentures, or for a natural and beautiful smile. Any of these are good reasons to get dental Kanata implants. The dental implant itself is a titanium post placed into the jawbone where the tooth is absent, and then a synthetic tooth is placed into the post. The final result is a permanent, stable, secure tooth that looks and feels natural.Because dental implants Kanata are somewhat complicated procedures, they are higher in price compared to other dental procedures, and they must be performed by a doctor of dental surgery (DDS) / Kanata dental implant specialist. At Marchwood Dental Implant Center, our DDS and specialists possess the highest level of professional competence in implant dentistry in Kanata and are specially qualified to provide dental Kanata implants in the Kanata, Ontario area.
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If you have missing, decayed, or broken teeth, you may be an ideal candidate for dental implants. With modern technology, dental implants can look and function exactly like natural teeth. Our doctors create a substitute for the natural tooth’s root, upon which your new crown would be fixated. Our implants and crowns will fit seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

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The natural look and feel of implanted teeth have restored confidence and comfort for thousands of people suffering from tooth loss. Whether you are missing one or all of your teeth, dental implant procedures can restore a lasting smile and sense of well-being.

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At Marchwood Dental Specialists in Implant Dentistry, we believe that being able to eat and function should not be a privilege, but a basic human right. We are devoted to helping our patients improve their quality of life and to give them something to smile about.
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Wouldn’t you like to speak, or bite into an apple knowing your dental implants won’t shift, move or fall out? Dental implants can help restore the reliability and stability of your existing dentures, and bring back confidence and self-esteem!

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Whether you need to replace one tooth (individual dental implant) or all of them (full mouth dental implants), our implants offer the best return on investment. Investing in dental implants means you are investing in a procedure that’s proven to last for the rest of your life. Best of all, implants can be used in pairs to support multiple tooth restorations, providing you an even lower cost of treatment when it comes to “price per tooth”. On top of that, we offer flexible payment options and financing plans. Easily fit your implants into your monthly budget!

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For the “best dental implants near me” in Kanata, Ontario, call Marchwood Dental today! Our experienced implant experts work closely with each patient, customizing the treatment to their unique and individual needs. Together, we will create a customized care plan that meets your needs, individual goals, lifestyle preferences, and overall timeline.

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Today’s dental implants are an option for more people than ever. As long as you are over the age of 18, in relatively good health, and have an adequate bone structure in the areas where you are missing teeth, you likely qualify for dental implants. There is no age limit!

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